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Visual Storyteller

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Max Langfeldt is a visual storyteller. With over ten years of experience in the media industry. As a director, creative director, managing editor, reporter, and content creator, working for TV broadcasters, companies, newspapers, art institutions and NGOs, he has created films, series, videos, audiovisual campaigns, and products for a diverse set of clients. The formats ranging from documentary, over commercials and music video, to branded content. 

He has been co-nominated for the
Grimme Award three times. As a director for the online documentary series Science for Future (ARD) and Tru Doku (funk/Youtube) and as part of the editorial team for the ZDF TV program Kulturpalast. He was also selected as an Arthur F. Burns Fellow and went on to work at The New Yorker


Documentary Series

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Documentary Series

Documentary Series

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Documentary Series

Music Video

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Branded Content

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Music Documentary Series

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Short Doc

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Branded Content

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